About me

My first memories are of spending my days in my childhood backyard in the hot, dry South African summers in Bloemfontein, surrounded by my pet chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats (not to mention the wild garden birds, insects, amphibians, arachnids and lizards). If not outside, I was with my mother at her art classes at the Free State Technikon. There I kept myself busy in the corner with drawing, painting and playing with clay while my mother studied art. This lead to my love of art mixed in with a deep appreciation for nature. Later in life, I attended Principia College Art and Drama school after which I then obtained a degree in Nature Conservation at NMMU. I then pursued a career in conservation, but also used my skill as a self-taught artist to illustrate environmental education booklets for various organization. After spending five nspiring months in the Peruvian rainforest in 2013, I decided to become a full-time illustrator. I also started my own colouring book series focusing on cultivating a love for nature in children and adults alike.