Stick Man


My friend, Nadia, and I are playing around with some ideas for T-shirt designs. Finding a name for the product has proven to be the most difficult part because every name we come up with is held hostage by parked, unused websites, making it impossible for us to use the name for our website. We will prevail however, but in the meanwhile we are having a lot of fun with the character development. We bought […]

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Constant Practice

I used the Clip Studio's masking tool for the first time in this image. I also tried a new shading technique and some new brushes.

It’s very important to draw every day especially if you want to be a professional illustrator at the top of your game. Every time I take on a new project, I learn new things whether it be new drawing techniques, new features I never used on Manga Studio, or new business or marketing techniques. This makes every project a challenge and something I am thankful for.

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